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About Hobby Addicts

Hobby Addicts is an online hobby store located in Livermore, California.

We partner with reputable distributors such as Alliance Games, HRP, Southern Hobby, LC Racing, Team Powers, Reflex Racing and ACD to ensure that every product we offer is 100% authentic.

Our mission is to foster a community where people from all walks of life can come together to connect, learn, and share their passion for TCGs and RCs.

You can join our online community on Facebook, Discord, Youtube and Instagram.

Aaron "MorbidFPV" Ortiz

Sponsored Team Pilot

Hobby Addicts proudly sponsors Aaron "MorbidFPV" Ortiz, a distinguished drone pilot who has been ranked among the top 250 on MultiGP since 2020. Aaron's passion for FPV racing and freestyle flying dates back to 2018.

Besides being an accomplish drone pilot, Aaron is also an active streamer. You can watch his streams at here:

Shawn Regalia

Sponsored Team Driver

Shawn is Hobby Addicts' newest team member and first team driver. His experience with RC racing began in childhood and was recently reignited after he had the chance to drive a Mini-Z. Currently, he races 1:10 touring, 1:28 Mini-Z, and 1:14 off-road.

Shawn also serves as one of our RC gurus, bringing extensive knowledge about all things related to RC cars and trucks.

Michael "WoooSaaaW" Fone

Owner of Hobby Addicts

Michael founded Hobby Addicts in 2020 to further his passion for RCs and TCGs. Initially, it was a way to obtain the items he loved at reasonable prices, but it soon became clear how much he enjoyed engaging with the community. Fast forward to 2024, and Hobby Addicts is now his full-time job.

His hobbies include RC racing, drone racing, go-kart racing and collecting and playing various TCGs. He’s currently into, 1:10 off-road, 1:14 off-road and 1:28 mini-z racing for RCs. As for TCGs, He actively plays Sorcery, Magic and Flesh and Blood.

His ultimate goal is to open a store that features both a track and game space, serving as a sanctuary for card players and racers alike.