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Pokemon TCG

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We carry a wide variety of products from Pokemon TCG, including booster boxes, starter decks, sleeves, binders, and much more. Whether you are a player, collector, or both, we carry the right product for you.

Our collection of Pokemon TCG is broken up into the following categories:

Booster Boxes: Get the best overall value per pack with a Pokemon booster box. With 36 booster packs, you can enjoy searching for your favorite card! Pokemon booster boxes are also the most popular product collect since the hold the most value long term.

Elite Trainer Boxes (ETB): Pokemon ETBs include booster packs, card sleeves, dice, energy cards, and counters, providing everything you need to kickstart your gaming experience with Pokemon TCG. ETBs are the second most popular product for collectors but are specifically tailored to players with all the essential gaming accessories.

Tins: Pokemon tins are a great way to get a variety of packs from different sets. Most tins come with assorted booster packs, offering you plenty of variety to expand your collection or build up your deck.

Packs: Pokemon booster packs are essential for any Pokemon TCG player or collector. Booster packs offer the excitement of potentially discovering powerful and rare cards to enhance your deck or collection. 

Starter Decks: Pokemon starter decks are pre-constructed sets of cards designed for gameplay right out of the box. Whether you're new to the game or seeking a well-crafted deck

Supplies: Card sleeves, binders and much more! These supplies are essential for protecting and organizing your collection and decks.