Factory Team - Direct Drive Kit
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Factory Team - Direct Drive Kit

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  • Direct Drive top shaft eliminates the traditional B6.1 slipper clutch.
  • Weighs 30% less than the traditional B6.1 slipper clutch.
  • Faster acceleration from less rotating mass.
  • More efficient drivetrain may result in longer run times.
  • Recommended for Stock or Spec racing (17.5T and/or 21.5T motors)


  • B6.1, B6.2, B6.3
  • B6.1D, B6.2D, B6.3D
  • B6.1D-FL
  • T6.1, T6.2
  • SC6.1, SC6.2

Works with Laydown and Layback Stealth(R) Transmissions

Not recommended for use on carpet. Using the Direct Drive Kit on carpet will put too much stress on the idler gears and can potentially strip them. Team Associated is not responsible for damaged or broken idler gears.

The FT Direct Drive Kit is not compatible with the Standup Stealth(R) Transmission.

#91800 contents:
qty 1 Top Shaft (Direct Drive)
qty 1 Direct Drive Hub
qty 3 M3x0.5x5mm BHCS
qty 1 M4 Locknut w/Flange